Our genes are not our destiny… they’re our greatest opportunity. We are complex systems influenced by our environment. How can you help your genes express health?

Supplements are powerful tools. Under the guidance of a trusted practitioner, they can deliver profound health benefits. To help patients achieve their health and wellness goals, we forge long-lasting partnerships with practitioners across disciplines and deliver nutritional solutions that work. Metagenics has worked with top-level institutions to drive innovation and the most relevant insights in clinical nutrition through pioneering research. It is their aim to make appropriate nutritional intervention the standard of care. As part of their commitment to exceptional quality, they brand their products with clean and transparent labels. From gluten-free to non-GMO, they aim to deliver clear and accurately labeled nutritional solutions to meet every patient’s health needs.

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Address your unique health needs with personalized wellness care.

Human bodies are complex systems influenced by our environment. Metagenics® helps your unique genetic makeup express health through supporting nutrition, sleep, exercise and other lifestyle habits.

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