Pharmacy Compounding

Do you struggle to swallow your pills or capsules? Do you have allergies to certain preservatives or dyes found in some medications? Do you wish there were better flavours of medications for your children? Would you prefer your medication as a cream or liquid alternative?
Pharmacy compounding is the practice of customizing your medications to best fit your specific needs.  Working with your health care provider, our compounding pharmacists can:
  • Alter your medication’s form to make it easier to use or ingest
  • Add flavour to make you medication taste better
  • Adjust the strength of your medication to better suit your needs
  • Combine medications into one, easy to use form
  • Sometimes even able to formulate discontinued medications that are no longer available

Medication compounding is safe and most often used to ease the way in which seniors or children take their prescribed medications.  Certain medications can be hard on your digestive system, so our compounding pharmacists may be able to change the form of these medications into a liquid or even into a topical cream.

Let us make it easy for you.

Customize your medications to best fit you.  Talk to one of our pharmacists today about how our pharmacy compounding services can remove any challenges you face when taking your medications.