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Pharmacy Delivery

Pharmacy delivery in Winnipeg provides a convenient, safe and efficient way to ensure you get your medications on time, when you need them. Many people are looking at ways to avoid unnecessary trips to acquire the necessities and staples they need, opting instead to have items delivered straight to their door. Others may have mobility concerns, transportation issues, may be feeling unwell, want to avoid the challenges of winter or simply are pressed for time. At the Medicine Shoppe, we understand these needs which is why we offer free pharmacy delivery to our valued customers.

That’s right free city-wide pharmacy delivery anywhere in Winnipeg! Prescriptions delivered right to your door from one of our 2 convenient local pharmacy locations.

To make this process as simple and automated as possible, delivery has never been easier with the Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy App. Simply download the app to your mobile device by clicking on either the Android or Apple button below to get started or click the “Get Refills” button at the bottom of this page to order direct from your laptop or PC. Send us your refill request or new prescription via the Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy App and request delivery. Within a few minutes you’ll be set up with your prescriptions ordered.

Download the App.

It’s like a personal pharmacist in the palm of your hand! 

We want our patients to manage their health in whatever way is best and most convenient for them.  This is why we have developed an app specific for the Medicine Shoppe to keep you connected with us.  Improve your pharmacy experience and manage your prescriptions from the convenience of home. The new Medicine Shoppe app will change the way you manage your health and keep you connected to your local pharmacy for all your personal wellness needs.

Free City Wide Delivery.

Of course, you are welcome to call us and speak directly with one of our pharmacists to discuss your prescription refill and place your order for delivery. We love hearing from you and welcome your calls as this gives us an opportunity to answer any questions you have about your prescriptions and to understand any other needs you have that we can help with from our immunization services to compression socks and more.

Call us today to set up the free pharmacy delivery of your prescriptions or click on the button below to start the process online.